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Us nature lovers, we know that everyone needs nature.

It is vital. It calms us, it heals us, it connects us to our roots. We grow from it. We want the people of the future to share in the experience. And we know that if we don’t act now to preserve natural areas, they won’t be there for future generations. As your local land conservation organization, we are here to help our community leave a legacy of nature . . . . but we can’t do it without community support.

What does community support look like? It could be . . .

Spreading the word about SWMLC’s conservation work. Enjoying our public preserves and introducing friends and family to favorite trails. Pitching in to help on volunteer workdays. Attending one of our guided hikes or family events. Becoming a member. Making a monetary contribution. Putting a conservation easement on your land. Donating your land to us. Including us in your estate plan.

We love the natural areas of southwest Michigan and we know that you do, too. Together, we can conserve wild and scenic places for today and keep them healthy for tomorrow.


Won’t you get involved?


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