SWMLC currently protects 53 preserves and 88 private-owner conservation easements in the nine counties that make up southwest Michigan. This map shows the location of all of our public and limited-access preserves. Click on a locator dot to pull up basic information about each preserve and a link for more details and pictures. You can also select different types of map backgrounds (such as topographic, streets, etc.) by using the Basemap Selector at the upper left of the map.

STE green map dot  PUBLIC PRESERVES are marked by green dots. These public natural areas have no admission fee and are open to everyone from dawn to dusk!
STE gold map dot  LIMITED ACCESS PRESERVES are marked by gold diamonds. These preserves may only be visited by appointment or special invitation as they contain especially sensitive habitat or have accessibility challenges in reaching them.

Follow these links for more ways to explore our preserves: