Access status: limited
Acquisition: 2014
Acres: 17
County: St. Joseph
Township: Fabius

Natural Features
Visitors can enjoy an open oak woods that rises up to look over the wetlands on the north bay of Corey Lake. The woods are a good example of an oak woodland natural community rich with sedges and summer blooming flowers. The transition from lake edge through wet meadows and shrubs up into dry forest create a variety of habitat structure that appeal to all kinds of wildlife. Bird watching site during spring migration can offer a rich variety of species.

The Mittler family love Corey Lake and the wildlife that call it home as well. They wanted to help make sure it could keep its remaining natural shoreline. Their gift of land on the north bay of Corey Lake permanently protects not only the wetlands along the shoreline, but some of the nearby forested uplands that provide groundwater recharge to the springs that feed the lake.

Naturalists visiting the preserve have been impressed at both the plant and bird diversity they found. The sunny roadside has savanna plants like big bluestem and butterfly milkweed and as things get shadier wild columbine and woodland sunflower fill in with scattered hummocks of sedge and woodland brome grass. Grosbeaks and orioles are common singing in the canopy as thrushes fly through the understory.

The wetlands along the shore of Corey Lake grade through a variety of natural community types. Fen and sedge meadows spread from the wettest spring areas and button bush and red osier dogwood create thickets further back from shore. In spring the blackbirds, warblers and sparrows compete with the frogs for top volume.


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