Saturday Workdays

I don’t know if it’s for me . . . what do you do at a preserve work day?

We cut down invasive plant species that choke out native species, create and burn piles of brush, blaze new trails and maintain existing ones, collect the seeds of prairie plants and sow them in new locations, build boardwalks, erect osprey nesting platforms . . . and more!  The tasks vary by the season and with each preserve, but there are usually roles for everyone who wants to participate, regardless of skills set or strength.

Ready to get started?

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Anyone is welcome to pitch in to help keep our preserves up to snuff. It’s a wonderful way to experience the preserves with the folks who know them best, plus get acquainted with other active people who share the conservation spirit. There are no long-term commitments, fees, strengths, or special skills required — just a willing attitude and a pair of work gloves (and we might even be able to scrounge up a pair of those for you if you don’t have them!).

Thank you . . . we couldn’t do it without you!

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