Special directed giving . . . a gift to our future.

By acting together, we can choose to leave a healthy forest for our children — and their children — to enjoy.
You can protect land in southwest Michigan forever with lifetime gifts or gifts through your estate. Some options for giving include:  cash, life insurance, marketable securities, charitable gift annuities, wills, and more. Thoughtful planning on your part can provide major tax savings for you today, ensure financial security for your family in the future, and yield substantial gifts for your preferred nonprofit organization.

Oak Legacy

The Oak Legacy is a gift to our future and to the permanence of land conservation in southwest Michigan. Members of this elite group have arranged through their legal or financial advisor for planned gifts to support Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.

Please consider making a commitment to SWMLC as part of your estate plan and you will become a member of the Oak Legacy Society. By planting small seeds, you will provide the resources needed for the success of our ongoing land conservation efforts.

Like the mighty oak that starts as a small acorn, your gift will grow over time.


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