Have you been hearing those songs outside your window in the mornings?

The songbirds are coming back and serenading you to spark your spring fever. They have successfully sparked the fever of the Land Conservancy Larks, and we will head out next Saturday to count birds and raise funds for Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.

Our goal this year is to raise funds to build a universal access trail at the Bow in the Clouds Preserve in Kalamazoo. SWMLC has gotten as far as preparing a parking area to accept visitors with mobility challenges, but currently have no trails for them to enjoy. Our goal is to establish about 1000’ of trail that leads from the parking lot to a scenic overlook and back as the first phase of improving accessibility through much of the preserve.

Towards this end, we are seeking pledges for our team as we compete in the annual Southwest Michigan Team Birdathon, Saturday, May 13, 2017. Amelia, Erin, Mitch and Nate will be getting up dark and early to try to track down owls, nighthawks, and whip-poor-wills and then continue searching Berrien County all day to tally species.

For those of you new to the concept of a birdathon, here is how it works: Teams of birdwatchers, typically representing a conservation organization of some kind, collect pledges from friends, family, friendly looking strangers, etc. Pledges can be either be a flat rate or by $ / per species of bird. Birdathon teams have from midnight until 7:00 p.m. to find as many species as they can within the borders of Berrien County, MI.

Our totals over the past years have ranged from 115 to 135 species. A pledge for $.50 per bird will likely result in a $50 – $70 tax deductible gift to conservation and stewardship in Michigan. Of course, if you prefer to make a flat donation rather than pledge by species, we would be equally grateful.

To make a flat donation, please click here:

Birdathon flat donation

To make a per bird pledge, please email us at conserveland@swmlc.org — we will get in touch with you when the final results are in!”

Thank you! We look forward to sharing our results and highlights of the day.