Wish List

We love sharing our stewardship successes.

Our community workdays, wildflowers popping up after a prescribed burn, and wildlife returning after habitat restoration is what reminds us why we do the work that we do.

Something far less compelling that we don’t often talk about are the costs and wear and tear of our stewardship equipment.

From safety glasses to our Chevy Silverado, stewardship gear takes a beating!! A single season of surveying, events, workdays, and a diligent stewardship crew managing our preserves puts more than 16,000 miles on our truck.

Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy is dedicated to using your precious dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure that we are maximizing their benefit to land conservation in southwest Michigan. As such, we try to use recycled, donated or second-hand items as much as we can – it’s a good thing, not only for saving money, but for the environment as well.

We’re in increasing need of a sturdy working truck (or other vehicle) with some life left in it to help replace our aging fleet of “work wagons”. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible vehicle donation, please email Mitch (lettow@swmlc.org).

There are also other pieces of equipment that could help us accomplish our stewardship goals more successfully. If you happen to have any of the following items that you are getting rid of, we would be happy to take them off your hands and put them to good use.

Thank you!

Stewardship Wish List

Air Compressor
  • for cleaning equipment and maintaining proper vehicle tire inflation
  • 20 gallon, 125 psi is ideal
Bench Grinder and/or Wirewheel
  • for maintaining metal tools
First Aid Kits
  • to augment the ones that we have
Flat Files
  • for sharpening loppers
Hand Pruners
Mosquito Head Netting
Other Vehicles
  • 4×4 would be ideal
Safety Glasses
Square Buckets (to hold herbicide rollers)
  • such as kitty litter buckets, deli/bakery buckets
Tecnu Poison Ivy Ointment
Trash Bags (for garlic mustard)
  • heavy-duty
  • 33-gallon is ideal
  • 20-foot flatbed (for SWMLC Kubota tractor and brushhog)
  • Utility trailer (for hauling gear, trash, logs, etc.)
  • full-sized pickup preferred
  • crew cab and minimum standard bed are ideal
Work Gloves (new please)


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