a great group of volunteers!

forging a new trail

repairing the boardwalk

puttin' a hurt on garlic mustard

bridge building

loppin', choppin' and stackin'

volunteers come in all ages and sizes!

sensitive habitat means foot-borne tools & materials

far from the trail, the osprey nest platform site

post hole diggin'

learning new skills

weaving the nest platform

raising it

osprey nesting platform

a job well done

build it, they will come!

Americorp volunteers totally rock!

look at all that trash!

celebrating the day's work!

thanks for all your hard work, everyone!

A big hearty thank you to the folks at Great Lakes Brewing Company for sponsoring Saturday’s Earth Day Workday at Bow in the Clouds Preserve . . . and to all the volunteers who so generously gave of their time, expertise, and sweat equity!!

45 people volunteers came out to help, including several of our Wednesday Warriors, eight AmeriCorps volunteers who are working their way through the Midwest, and neighbor Sean Speegle, who led construction of the new boardwalk. There was plenty of work to do! The volunteers split into six different groups and undertook a variety of projects: improving the boardwalk and bridges, pulling garlic mustard, cleaning up along the edges of the overlook (where we plan on constructing a barrier free walkway and viewing platform), creating a new loop trail, and installing an Osprey platform. An impressive amount of work was accomplished!

Afterward, many of the volunteers met over at Kalamazoo Beer Exchange to celebrate the day and quaff a complimentary pint provided by Great Lakes Brewing.

It was a fun and satisfying day . . . thanks again, everyone!

Photos by Nicole Speedy, Nate Fuller, and Miko Dargitz.