Would you like to be involved in a long-term commitment to land protection while getting to explore some really interesting properties?

SWMLC’s Land Protection Team is a group of dedicated and much-appreciated volunteers who play a large role in the assessment of potential preserve and conservation easement properties.

Team members’ responsibilities include; attending monthly meetings where we discuss properties that staff are considering for preserves and conservation easements, participating in site visits to assess the properties and compile species lists for animals and plants, and carrying out annual monitoring of our existing easements.

Team members must be friendly and physically fit enough to walk large acreages over potentially wet or rough ground during property visits. They must also be able to recognize recent changes in the landscape (such as trail construction, tree removal, or work that redirects water drainage) during monitoring visits, and have good attention to detail when preparing documentation.

In March of each year the team reviews our monitoring training procedures prior to scheduling annual visits for spring and fall. Monitoring visits involve meeting with the landowners, and documenting the property by walking it and taking photographs. The resulting report is then entered into SWMLC’s database.

Interested in participating?

If so, please contact Cindy Mills by emailing cmills@swmlc.org or calling 269-324-1600 x306.