climate change in southwest Michigan

The southwest Michigan we’ve come to know and love is changing before our eyes.

Here’s what we’re doin’ about it.

Climate change is affecting southwest Michigan.

It’s impact is widespread. From recreation and tourism (such as skiing and ice-fishing), to the economy (flood-damaged bridges and drought-stressed crops), to the environment itself (tree stress and threats to rare species*), the impacts of climate change in our area are widespread and well-documented.

Environmental impacts are further complicated by things like tree and crop diseases, invasive plants, increasing deer populations, and rapid land use change.

The natural world is great at dealing with change. But if nature isn’t healthy and resilient – and change is too great and too fast – our vital ecosystems will suffer serious impacts and, by extension, so will human beings.

That’s where we come in.

Protecting and stewarding lands and waters are natural solutions in the fight against climate change, and with help from the communities that support us, it’s what we do best.

Read on to learn more about how Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy and its members are tackling climate change in our region through land protection and stewardship.

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what we’re doing

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