Need help with an arsenal of cranky chainsaws? SWMLC Stewardship Crew Leader Megan Martin has you covered.
Turtle in the oncoming lane? Megan’s already out of the vehicle and helping it cross the road.
Got 5,000 trees to plant? Megan and her Stew Crew teammates will get it done.
From setting fires to applying herbicide – in 90-degree heat and 10-degree cold – Megan did it all with patience and good humor. Well known among staff for her upbeat energy and unsinkable positive outlook, Megan has gotten a new job . . . and we must sadly say goodbye and good luck.
Megan admirably brought reliability, professionalism, and grit to the tough job of habitat restoration. Her supervisor, Stewardship Specialist Dave Brown, put it this way, “With her goofy, mellow, get s**t done attitude, Megan made a huge impact on the ecological health of our region.”
Megan, we’re going to miss you SO much – and those lucky folks at your new job better appreciate ya!