At the time of this writing, SWMLC’s Hike Our Preserves (HOP!) program has been up and running for just four weeks, and we have already received more than 100 selfies from 37 families!

We are so excited by the response this program has received — and extremely pleased that the community is walking in and exploring our public preserves! We believe that spending time in natural surroundings helps kids to develop a lifelong respect and love for nature, and are grateful to the parents and other adults who are helping kids to get outdoors. We’re also hearing from enthusiastic grownups who just needed this little push to send them out the door and onto the trail.

Not to mention, we’re loving the selfies! Be sure to check out the HOP Photo Gallery by clicking here.

Please keep ’em comin’ . . . and don’t forget to include something iconic or recognizable from the preserve (such as Pilgrim Haven’s chimney, or a trailhead or entrance sign).