Landscape Forms Employees, THANK YOU for your support with our “seed cleaning” workday at Chipman Preserve!

After our brisk – but satisfying – workday last week, we wish to extend a big thank you to everyone who came out to help.

After getting a little better acquainted, and learning the ins and outs of both Landscape Forms and Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, we dove in, hands first, into seed cleaning.

The important work of cleaning, sorting, weighing, and mixing the seed comes in after volunteers have spent dozens of hours meticulously collecting ripe wildflower seed across Southwest Michigan. Our meticulous indoor work ensures that the collected seed matches the correct type of habitat that will ultimately become the new home for these hopeful seeds.

Many large piles of seed and empty bags later, we called it quits with a leisurely walk around the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy office while enjoying refreshments, exchanging stories about the Chipman family (John Chipman founded Landscape Forms, the Chipman Family donated the land which has become Chipman Preserve, and they donated their house that has become Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy’s office), and appreciating all of our work.

Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy is truly driven by member support, as it is membership dues and the hard work of volunteers that roll the organization forward in its conservation work.

To that end, we want to again thank you and hope that we will see you at a future workday. Better yet, we hope that you’ll visit Chipman Preserve again to explore its trails throughout the seasons, or find another preserve in your own neck of the woods.