Access status: limited
Acquisition: Donated by Boerma and Bittner families 1998, Rossa family 2000, Morrison family 2001, Anderson family 2001, Swift family 2001, Pritzker family 2002, Read family 2004
Acres: 96.2
County: Van Buren
Township: Covert

Natural Features
The preserve is made up of several parcels of forested back dune.  The quality of forest varies from fair to excellent.  Some areas of the understory are choked with greenbriar due to logging activities many years ago while others are open mature woodlands.  Trailing arbutus, typically a more northern species, occurs infrequently on the property.  The preserve is adjacent to The Nature Conservancy’s 1,200-acre Ross Preserve, together making an important area of woodland used by neotropical migratory birds.

Southwest Michigan
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