Access status: limited
Acquisition: Donated by Marybeth Pritschet and John Davis, 2004
Acres: 37.8
County: Allegan
Township: Hopkins

Natural Features
The preserve contains old field, shrub wetland, and beech-maple forest habitats. With large amounts of agricultural fields on two sides of the old field, there is enough open space to attract grassland birds such as meadowlarks and bobolinks to nest on the preserve. The wetland is a designated drain to the Rabbit River and has some wet meadow plant species such as swamp milkweed and cardinal flower.  Areas of the beech-maple forest support a diverse mix of spring wildflowers including common trillium, Dutchman’s breeches, wild leek, trout lily, and many others. There are very large patches of lycopodium as well.

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