Some photos from last week’s seed-cleaning workday.

Each fall, SWMLC holds a Seed Collection Workday, where volunteers harvest the seeds of prairie species from some of our more robust preserves, so that we can sow them at other prairie preserves in the spring. Before they can be sown, they must be cleaned: grouped by species, released from pods or cones, sorted from the dirt and chaff. It’s a winter-time activity that is brimming with visions of colorful prairies and warm weather. These photos were taken this past week when the Wednesday Warriors joined forces with SWMLC’s Stew Crew to take on this monumental dirty job. Looks like they had fun doing it, too!

The Wednesday Warriors are always looking for victims . . er, um, volunteers . . . to join them in their work. Click here to find out more: Join the Warriors!

Bags and bags of collected seed.
Bruce cleaning seed and Nate stomping echinacea heads.
Native grass seed.
Jeff entering data.
Devin breaking open seed pods.
Stan cleaning seeds.
Snipping Stalks
Stan covered in fluff.
Cans o Goodness