What does SWMLC need volunteer preserve stewards for?
With protected land in nine counties to look after, SWMLC’s stewardship staff relies on volunteer preserve stewards to be our eyes, ears, and hands in the field. Volunteers are those with a sustained interest in a specific preserve, often living nearby and checking it frequently to make sure it’s safe and looking good.
What do volunteer preserve stewards do?
♦   Volunteers are expected to frequently monitor the trails by foot and report recent changes such as trash dumps, damage to signs or natural features, and downed trees or other trail obstacles. Depending on abilities and personal equipment, volunteers may also pick up trash, mow trails, or plow winter parking lots.
♦   Volunteers must be friendly and able to represent SWMLC well in interactions with preserve visitors.
♦   Before beginning, volunteer preserve stewards will meet with SWMLC Stewardship staff to discuss their specific preserve’s needed tasks and management priorities. Volunteers are expected to visit the preserve frequently and maintain regular contact with staff, but can do this when it fits their schedule and is most convenient.
How do I get started?
Please contact Stewardship Specialist Dave Brown by email  or by calling him at 269-324-1600 x303.