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Helping landowners conserve their land forever.

Part of Southwest Mission Land Conservancy’s mission is to help landowners conserve their land forever. Often, landowners learn about us from friends or family with whom we have worked to conserve their land. We will protect land through a variety of methods, the most popular being a conservation easement. Conservation easements ensure that a property will never be developed and that the natural qualities will be retained. Yet under an easement, the land still remains private. SWMLC also protects land through acquisition by either gift or bargain sale, forever protected as a public nature preserve.

conservation easement acres protected

In other cases, properties become a priority for conservation based on criteria from one of our strategic conservation planning projects. For these special projects, we make efforts to engage high-priority landowners through mailings and projects.  For more information about conserving land with SWMLC, click on the Why and How links.


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