Last Sunday was cold and windy . . . maybe not the freezing drizzle that had been predicted, but it was still a pretty raw day in which to look for Ewoks at Wolf Tree Nature Trails. But that didn’t stop this intrepid group of 22 adults and 22 kids, some of whom came all the way from Three Rivers, Hastings, and Lawton, from joining Julie Collard and TJ Wilkinson of Little Adventurers’ Club for the Star Wars Tike Hike.

Bundled in their winter clothes, the toddlers resembled colorful Ewoks themselves as they scouted for the elusive forest dwellers, pulled each other on sleds, and welcomed a news photographer from WWMT Channel 3. After the hike, each child was able to pick out a Star Wars coloring book and another Star Wars freebie, and enter a drawing for Star Wars- and Little Adventurers-themed prizes.

View of Pine Lake from the Rasmussen's property.

So we started with a welcome circle (as always) then headed down the blue trail where there were four Ewoks hanging out. The kids were really excited to find them. It was so cute!


Julie Collard

Little Adventurers' Club, Kalamazoo

Image from the Star Wars Tike Hike at Wolf Tree Nature Trails, offered by Little Adventurers Club. Photo by Terry Butcher.
SWMLC is very grateful to Julie Collard and her family, and TJ Wilkinson and his family, for leading the Tike Hikes and making them into the fun, wonderful success that they are.


The Rasmussen's beautiful property includes a high-quality, age-diverse woodland of oak, maple, cherry, and white pine.

Photos by Terry Butcher.